We offer a range of services for education settings, from KS1 upwards, including:

  • Tai Chi demonstrations
  • Teacher workshops and training programmes
  • Whole school taster sessions
  • Before and after school group classes

Both children and the education system as a whole can hugely benefit from Tai Chi:

  • Non-competitive and all inclusive – can be done as an individual or as a group
  • Weight baring exercise for children who might not necessarily be traditionally “sporty”
  • A technique that can be used to calm the mind and body and build confidence – quickly and in any situation
  • Teaches children to manage their mind and not run on adrenalin from constant external stimulation
  • Teaches them to be seen as individuals – while recognising that the effect of their behavior on others is their responsibility
  • Teaching them to go within and create a moment of inner calm
  • Teaches discipline and self-belief

Evidence- based research suggests there are numerous benefits from Tai Chi practice. These include; improved balance and falls prevention, increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength, pain reduction, stress reduction, relaxation, enhanced emotional wellbeing and positive mental state, increased energy levels, improved immune function and improved quality of life (Wang, Collet and Lau, 2004). Source: NHS Foundation Devon